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Concrete floor of Block D car park

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1Concrete floor of Block D car park Empty Concrete floor of Block D car park on Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:20 am

I see that they have closed the car park of Block D again, for 4 days. What do they think they can achieve in 4 days? In my opinion it would take at least a month with specialist equipment and a workforce of about 8 concrete repair specialists. I can see the problem that exists. The original concrete was a too weak mix so the stone, sand and cement have not bonded properly or someone in his wisdom had decided that the concrete was setting too quick for them to finish it properly so added more water. Fatal mistake! The engineer who designed the building would have taken great care in working out the stone,sand,cement and water ratio to a fine tolerance to obtain a slump design, and to deviate from this would cause problems at a later date. I had a short conversation with Yigal regarding the cracks in the concrete drive and he couldn't or wouldn't see the major problem they have. But then i've only been in the concrete industry for 43 years and have layed just a few thousand cubic metres of concrete in that time.

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