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AIR CONDITIONERS - Think again even if your unit is "cool enough" as it is.

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Air Conditioners - 7 Reasons you should care, even if your unit is "cool enough".

I too was one of the many buyers who was told the air conditioners would be placed on the roof (for the upper floors) or basement (for the lower floors). Not only did this not happen, but the compressor units were mounted in such a way that YOU as an owner will be facing your single largest PREDICTABLE future expense at City Gardens and a major nuisance as far as quality of living.

A quick GOOGLE search will bring you to the DAIKIN page on air con installations. Daikin's "worst-case" scenario outlines the air ventilation space requirements for an air conditioner that has walls on 3 sides blocking air flow. City Gardens not only has ignored minimum space requirements for a 3 walled installation, but has taken poor engineering to a new low level and has placed the compressors in a virtual closet, with walls blocking air flow on FIVE sides of the compressor. This is UNTHINKABLE from an engineering standpoint. If you leave the "slats' up, you have created a box with NO ventilation. Taking the slats down only minimally improves the situation. For the record, these Diakin units are considered above average in quality and reputation.

1. SHORTENED COMPRESSOR LIFE SPAN. Because the installation was so poorly done, the heat buildup around the compressors (measured at 55 degrees C on a day when ambient air temperature was 25 degrees) will ensure a markedly shorter life span for your compressor. Start saving for your replacement compressors now. This will vary from unit to unit based on your usage, but plan on the life span reduction from 1/2 to 1/3 of the factory design.

2. YOUR ELECTRIC BILL IS TWICE or more what it needs to be. Again, the compressor needs cool air to circulate to keep it operating efficiently. ANYTHING above ambient air temperature works against you. Trying to cool a compressor in the "box" is impossible in Pattaya's weather. Your compressor will have to run extra hard just to have minimum cooling effects.

3. YOUR BALCONY IS UN-USEABLE DUE TO HEAT AND NOISE when the air conditioner is running. If you did want to step outside and use your balcony while others inside enjoy air conditioning, you will be blasted with hot air and a noise that will drown out your conversation. If you need a clothes dryer, however…this is the perfect substitute to dry your wet clothes. You have paid for space that is un-usable.

4. QUARTERLY MAINTENANCE CAN NOT BE PERFORMED. Think of "welding" your automobile's hood shut. Now you have to change the oil and spark plugs - you just can't do it. Air conditioners require quarterly maintenance (average user patterns), which requires access to the rear of the compressor to blow out the dust and debris with a brush, hose and /or pressurized washer system. My compressors are mounted within 1 inch of the rear wall. There is NO WAY proper maintenance can be done without breaking welds or unbolting the system. By the way, where is this cleaning water supposed to drain to? See item 1. Not doing quarterly cleaning or maintaining your unit will push up your electric costs even more.

5. CONDO ROOMS CAN'T GET COOLED - Depending on the sun, some units can NEVER get cooled! In the case of Building A, the side facing South - I've never been able to get the temperature below 26 degrees running the machines full throttle in any weather condition…including at night.

6. REDUCED RE-SALE POTENTIAL / REDUCED RE-SALE VALUE - Many buyers will recognize this engineering disaster the moment they see it. I didn't have the opportunity to see it pre-purchase, because I was told my units would be on the roof.

This problem is actually THREE FOLD. One - the engineering disaster tips off potential buyers that there are likely other hidden engineering disasters and takes them out of the buying pool. Two - some may choose to purchase anyway but based on poor design and engineering will offer you a lower price than you SHOULD expect to get, had the engineering been done properly. Three - Esthetically this arrangement is very poor.

7. CITY GARDEN WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE for the small things if we let the big things slide. The Air Conditioners ARE a big thing. Good luck with any fix if the ones that matter aren't addressed. CG will have some story that the Pattaya City Planning Commission will not let them do anything about this problem. BS! CG needs to go before the Planning Commission and tell the truth... They improperly planned the Air Conditioning engineering and now they MUST make modification for the safety and usability of the building. The Planning Commission will be understanding although this would be further embarrassment for CG.

Per Paul Grant's recommendation at the Annual General Meeting on 3 April, I am forwarding this to the Jurassic committee for recommendations on the next best step. I urge you to get involved. A success on this issue will keep money in YOUR pocket and set a HUGE precedent on what CG owners are willing to do to keep all parties honest. CG is "banking" on your apathy. Is that OK with you?

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2 aircon on Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:12 pm

I fully agree with your statements .I also was promised that my aircon would be on the roof.
Sorry,slowly but surely i get uesd to the lies here

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Great post Mike. All very true.

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