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Security Guards screaming at my girl friend

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1Security Guards screaming at my girl friend Empty Security Guards screaming at my girl friend on Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:33 pm

While my girl friend, who has lived here at City Gardens for 6 months, was preparing to pick me up at the airport she came into City Gardens on a motorcycle taxi. Apparently, the night before, a different motorcycle taxi had made rude comments to the security guards and they mistook her driver for him.

So they stopped them and started shouting at the driver. My girlfriend started asking what are they doing, she lives here. At this point, the head guy stood over her and shouted in her face, rude and foul things. His second in command came out and said "I'm not afraid of anyone, I'm a Pattaya man". When security figured out they had the wrong driver they apologized to him but not my girl friend.

When I got back, I went and talked to security. They confirmed the incident, including veiled threat to my girl friend. I was recording this on my cell phone so I was trying not to lose my temper because I figured when I went to City Gardens, these two would surely be fired.

After 3 days of meetings where Wipa and Yigal kept telling me that there had to be security rules the best they would do is have the head of security privately apologize. When this wasn't good enough, Wipa told me she would not discuss further and had spent all the time with me she was going to. Both guys still work here. They work for a separate security firm so all I wanted was them transfered. If you think security is here to look after you and your spouse, thing again.

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This is definately totally out of order and I would be livid if it happened to me or persons very close to me.

It is obviously difficult to get these guys fired, the head security guard seems to have made an effort to calm the situation. I can't understand why the other 2 security guards at fault could not do the same and that could have appeased the situation.

It's difficult to know what to do here, but we definatley need to monitor their actions and ensure this does not happen again, and were the 2 guards at fault to be involved in a similar situation then to demand they be removed immediately.

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3Security Guards screaming at my girl friend Empty New Guards on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:50 pm

It seems that during the last week or so they have changed the security guards. The two that I had a problem with are gone and there is a noticeable improvement in attitude, friendliness and activity of the guards. So my previous comment no longer applies to the current guards.

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